Keystone Collections
Custom Furniture Makers
actory assembly line? Not the Keystone Collections™ ! Your furniture is built to order. Handcrafted to your specific design request. Attention to detail and high quality standards are important to each craftsman. Ownership and care in workmanship is evident as they sign and date your piece of furniture – one that is destined to become a family heirloom.

Watch Craftsmen Teamwork is important to the craftsmen of the Keystone Collections™. From the time your order is received, through each painstaking step in crafting your furniture, to the many details of applying a durable, 12+ step finish – teamwork ensures you high standards as every one works together. Through continuous improvement and lean manufacturing, the teams are constantly looking for ways to improve quality, safety, and productivity to provide you exceptional, dependable service in addition to good value on your investment.

ach piece of furniture in our Keystone Collections™ is crafted in the tradition of excellence, sustainability, and functionality. Far from mass-produced furniture you can find anywhere, our furniture is made of solid hardwood and uses no particle board. It is extraordinarily well-built and sturdy, meaning there is little chance it will need to be replaced. There are a variety of different styles available; though all of them are characterized by straight, clean lines and simple elegance. Furniture making is a skill passed down through many generations, and many families become known for their specific details in their craft. Because the furniture is handmade, no two pieces are alike. Each piece of wood has a different grain, and our craftsmen try to highlight the unique features of each piece. The furniture you receive from the Keystone Collections™ will last your family for many generations.

The  handcrafted solid hardwood furniture that we offer features numerous little details that, when combined, add up to assure you of the wonderful quality of the piece. In our chairs, you will notice leveled chair legs, finger joining, and mortise and tenon connection (which gives you a rigid base). Our tables showcase wood grain  matching, mortise and tenon, corner block assembly, craftsman date and signature, and assigned serial numbers. The hutches offered by Keystone feature a finished top and bottom, book matching, dowel pin construction, touch-type recessed lighting, self-closing drawer slides, plate grooves, dovetailed joints, craftsman date and signature, and assigned serial numbers. These little touches will make all the difference and assure you that you have chosen a quality manufacturer.